Main functions
Mixes and Stirs all the ingredients: milk, cream, powdered milk, flour, fruit, sugar, dextrose, eggs, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. for the preparation of creams, jam, sauces, gelato, sorbetto & slush.
Heat and Sanitize: melts fats & chocolate, eliminates most pathogenic bacterial flora.
Cool & Conserve: completes the pasteurization process, keeps the residual bacterial flora in microbiostasis, and maintains the mix at optimal temperature according to rules & regulations.
Freezes the mix while incorporating air into it. The smooth mechanism and thermal treatment produces a fine and creamy ice cream.
Fast and full extraction of product ready for sale at the end of cycle

Features Benefits
Small footprint Easy to install even in small laboratories
Heating and cooling system with a special circulating thermoconductor liquid Preserves the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients.
Clear cylinder lid Allows monitoring of product while freezing.
Vertical cylinder Easy filling & cleaning. Allows specialities unachievable with horizontal barrels.
Fast freezing times, resulting in very small ice crystal formation.
Uses cylinder walls and bottom for maximum energy efficiency.
Mobile scraping parts Engineered for better use of all the freezing power.
Time cycle To obtain the desired structure and consistency.
Temperature cycle For same consistency with different mix quantities.
Thermoshock system (specific models) To batch hot mixes.
Multifunctional use (specific models) Different cycles for: pasteurization, ice cream, sorbets and bakery cream.
Conservation at the end of the cycle To maintain freezing cylinder temperature.
Extraction chute Allows extraction of chocolate, pieces of fruit and dry fruit toppings.
Display shows cumulative working hours Assists in a proper periodic maintenance program.
Self-diagnostics Facilitates technical troubleshooting.

Typical Application
Small laboratories that only have space for one piece of equipment.
Professionals that want to use a specific mix for each flavour.
All businesses where the production, sale or daily delivery of ice cream is significant: bakeries, dairies, hotels, sport & recreation centres, large school cafeterias, holiday camps, hospitals, military bases, factories, etc.

    Cilindro                                   Estrazione                    

Model Width – Depth – Heigh Power Cooling Amount per batch, lt. Working cycle, min. Hourly production, lt.
COMBI 3 74X45X105 cm Amp.9 – kw 4,5
V 400 – 50 -3
Air / Water 3÷6 8÷20 20÷35
COMBI 9 53x77x115 cm Amp. 19 – kw 10
V 400 – 50 – 3
Water 4÷10 8÷20 40÷60
COMBI 9A 53x97x115 cm Amp. 21 – kw 10,5
V 400 – 50 – 3
Air 4÷10 8÷20 40÷60
Linea assemblaggio mantecatori                                    Cilindri mantecatori

Sobre gelateriarhodes

VALORES. Comprometimento com a qualidade Transparencia,repeito e honestidade Estado de espirito pro ativo Senso de equipe Auto desenvolvimento Missao. Satisfazer,fidelizar pela qualidade e inovacao em produtos,criando um ambiente agradavel e com atendimento diferenciado e,com isso, geral resultados financeiros.Propiciar o autodesenvolvimento e participar de projetos sociais. VISAO. Ser a primeira Opcao em gelaterria e cafeteria nos mercados em que atua,oferencendo de maneira permanente,novidades com qualidade superior.
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